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This newsletter is dedicated to owning the narrative of what it means to be a black woman in Europe.  Growing up in Minnesota, the idea of La Dolce Vita was always regulated to white women traveling through Tuscany and eating gelatos with handsome men on red Vespas. And though part of that imagery does ring true, it’s also complete bullshit. There’s so much more to life in Italy than what Americans are fed - I know because I’ve lived it.

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I live my life quite generously and enjoy all the experiences that come my way (even the not-so-great ones ... but we’ll talk about that another day). Fully immersing myself in the diversity and complexities of Europe, I will bring you personal essays, commentary, interviews, and delicious recipes from my own kitchen.

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A little bit more about me …

I’m a Kenyan-born, American writer and essayist.

I have a background in media, administration, and international relations, and have worked for Africa Center for Peace & Democracy, National Geographic Traveler Magazine, Open Society Foundations, UN-Habitat, and The United Nations Population Fund.

In 2017, I moved to Italy on a mission to write a book detailing my own migration story to the United States. My writing has been published by Cool Hunting, The HuffPost, Marie Claire, Essence, The Minneapolis City Pages, The World Post, Inter Press Service, RELATE, Truthout, Frank151, StyleBlazer, La Voce di New York, The Zoe Report, and OkayAfrica.

A lecturer, a consultant, and a home cook, I live in Turin and I’m often found sitting at a piazza with a glass of prosecco, and a book.

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